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Data comparison graphs

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Creates graphs for the comparison between 2 sets of data.

The graph can be composed from different elements: Bars, Horizontal lines, Markers and or Connecting lines for mean or median, with choice of different error bars for mean (95% CI, 1 SEM, 1 SD, 2 SD, 3 SD, range) or median (95% CI, 25-75 percentiles, 10-90 percentiles, 5-95 percentiles, 2.5-97.5 percentiles, 1-99 percentiles, range), Box-and-whisker plot or Notched box-and-whisker plot, Violin plot, and/or Dot plot (display all data).

Required input

You can select the graph type in the dialog box that appears after you click Data comparison graphs on the Graphs menu:

Dialog box for data comparison graphs

Several elements can be selected to compose the graph, and some of these can be combined.

The box-and-whisker plot in combination with dot plot has the advantage of displaying a statistical summary of the data (range, quartiles and median), without concealing the data.

If the data require a logarithmic transformation, select the Logarithmic transformation option.


Dual box-and-whisker plot:

Dual box-and-whisker plot

Notched box-and-whisker plots:

Notched box-and-whisker plots

Combined box-and-whisker and dot plot:

Combined box-and-whisker and dot plot


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