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User-friendly statistical software

MedCalc is a statistical software package for biomedical research.

Statistics include more than 220 statistical tests, procedures and graphs.

ROC curve analysis, method comparison and quality control tools.

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Easy to learn, fast and reliable

ROC curve  Bland-Altman plot  Violin plot  Survival curves  Probit regression  Age-related reference interval  Scatter diagram with heatmap  Correlogram  Forest plot

MedCalc licensing options

Perpetual single-user license

For individuals

Allows 1 person to use the software

Not transferrable


No monthly or yearly fees

Single-user subscription

For individuals or organizations

Allows 1 person to use the software

Not transferrable

Subscription based

Yearly fee

Site license

For organizations

Allows unlimited use within your organization


Yearly fee

Network license

For organizations

Allows concurrent use by a limited number of users

Subscription-based - Yearly fee

Starting at for 2 concurrent users

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Some of our users

MedCalc is used in 129 different countries. Here are some of our users:

Abott AstraZeneca Beckman Coulter bioMérieux Braun Diatron FDA Harvard University International Atomic Energy Agency Mayo Clinic Merck Novartis Oxford University Roche Siemens Sysmex Yale

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