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Download MedCalc - version 22.030

This is the full-featured MedCalc program. You can use it, without any feature limitations, during 15 days without registration.

After this trial period you should purchase a MedCalc license so you can continue to use the software.

MedCalc is available in different versions for 32-bits and 64-bits Windows editions. The 32-bits version will work on both Windows editions. The 64-bits version will work on 64-bits Windows editions only. But if you are experiencing problems with the 64-bits version, you should use the 32-bits version (both have the same functionality).

MedCalc setup file 32-bits
(32.29 MB)
MedCalc setup file 64-bits
(34.97 MB)

For a list of recent changes see Update history.

Version 22 introduces a new file format. The new format is faster and lighter. Important: files saved in MedCalc version 22 cannot be read by previous MedCalc versions. MedCalc 22 can read all previous file formats; but when saved, the new file format is used.

Download and installation instructions

  • The MedCalc installation files are suitable for new installations only as well as software updates.
  • If you have previously installed MedCalc, you must close any open (running) copy of MedCalc first. Then execute medcalcsetup[32/64].msi and follow the instructions for the installation procedure.
  • If you want to install the 64-bits version and you have a 32-bits MedCalc version already installed, you should first remove that older MedCalc version through your Windows control panel.
  • How to determine whether a computer is running a 32-bit version or 64-bit version of the Windows operating system (link to Microsoft website).
  • Anti-virus programs can sometimes interfere with the MedCalc installation process. Temporarily disabling your anti-virus program may help if you're having trouble with your installation. You should re-enable it as soon as installation has been completed.
  • Network license installation.

Sample files

When you run the software for the first time, several MedCalc sample data files will be copied into your documents folder, typically into

Documents\MedCalc\Sample files

When you upgrade the software, the sample data files may be overwritten by new versions of these files.

Quick start guide

Free MedCalc file viewer

With the free MedCalc file viewer you can open MedCalc files (*.mc1) without the need for a MedCalc license. This file viewer has limited capabilities and will not allow to perform new statistical analyses or create new graphs.

MedCalc viewer setup file 32-bits
(29.61 MB)
MedCalc viewer setup file 64-bits
(32.3 MB)