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Save as


Saves the data as a new file on disk, or saves a file with a different file name.

You enter the name for the new name data file in the file selector box. You do not need to enter the extension because the program will automatically add the appropriate file extension.

It is recommended to save the data in the MedCalc native file format (files with extension MC1).

A MedCalc data file contains the following information:

  • spreadsheet data
  • variables list
  • filters list
  • named graphs and tests
  • column width, precision, fill column specifications
  • text entered in the notes window
  • spreadsheet window position and size
  • date of creation of file
  • original Excel, Lotus, DBase or Text file name, if the current data have been imported from such data files
  • other settings

You can save the data in a different file format (Excel, SPSS, OpenDocument, CSV, etc.) but these files will only contain the spreadsheet data and little or no formatting.

On Windows versions prior to Windows 8 or Windows Server 2012, support for Excel *.xlsx files requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 (a free download from Microsoft).

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