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Saves the data in a file.

If the data have not been saved in the native MedCalc file format (files with extension MC1) before, then MedCalc will present the File selector box and suggest the MedCalc data file format. It is recommended to save in this format.

A MedCalc data file contains the following information:

  • spreadsheet data
  • variables list
  • filters list
  • named graphs and tests
  • column width, precision, fill column specifications
  • text entered in the notes window
  • spreadsheet window position and size
  • date of creation of file
  • original Excel, Lotus, DBase or Text file name, if the current data have been imported from such data files
  • other settings

MedCalc file format revisions

From time to time the MedCalc file format is revised. MedCalc will automatically convert old files as you open and save them. However, previous MedCalc versions may not be able to read the data files written by some newer versions of the software. It is advised that you always download and install the latest version of MedCalc (visit

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