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Define status

In the Define status dialog box you can identify the values that indicate the status of subjects. In the left column you select the values of the variable that indicate positive (diseased, abnormal, treated) subjects and in the right column you select values that indicate negative (healthy, normal, control) subjects.


You have entered the text values No and Yes for a variable Diseased:

Define status - data

You can complete the Define status dialog box as follows:

Define status - dialog box

In this example the text value Yes indicates a positive or diseased status, and the text value No indicates a negative of healthy status. This means that for calculations the variable Diseased will be assigned the numeric value 1 for cases with the text value Yes, and the numeric value 0 for cases with the text value No.

When you do not select any values, then MedCalc will use the following default numeric values:

  • 1 indicates positive (diseased, abnormal, treated) subjects
  • 0 indicates negative (healthy, normal, control) subjects

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