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The spreadsheet data window

In MedCalc, data are entered in a spreadsheet. You can open the spreadsheet by clicking Spreadsheet on the View menu, or clicking Data in the Contents window.

Spreadsheet data window

One cell (rectangle) of the spreadsheet is highlighted. This rectangle is called the cell pointer.

The first character(s) of this cell address (A) is the column indicator and the next number is the row number (row 1 is the first row number). Above row 1, there is an additional fixed row where you can enter a column heading, i.e. a name for the variable for which data will be entered in this column.

The column and row of the cell pointer are also called the current column and row.

The cell pointer can be moved with the arrow and/or cursor keys, or by means of the mouse. When you click on a cell, the cell pointer jumps to this cell. You can browse in the spreadsheet window by clicking the right and bottom border of the spreadsheet window, or by using the Page Up and Page Down and other cursor or arrow keys.

By pressing the Ctrl Home key you move the cell pointer to the first data cell in the spreadsheet: cell A1, and with Ctrl End to the last cell used in the spreadsheet.

See Appendix: Control keys for an overview of control keys.

You can fix a number of columns in the spreadsheet by using the Split window command:

Split window

Total number of columns and rows in the spreadsheet

The maximum number of columns in the MedCalc spreadsheet is 16 384 and the number of rows is 1 048 576.

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