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Control keys

Shift F5 Cascade windows
Ctrl C Copy block (Text & Spreadsheet window)
Ctrl X Cut block (Text & Spreadsheet window)
F2 Edit cell
Ctrl Shift E English user interface
Alt F4 Exit MedCalc program
F10 Export file (metafile, text file)
Ctrl F Find
Ctrl H Find and replace
Ctrl D Fill down
Ctrl R Fill right
Ctrl L Fill series
F11 Full screen view
Ctrl G Go to cell
F1 Help
Left arrow Move cursor left (Text window)
Right arrow Move cursor right (Text window)
Up arrow Move cursor to previous line (Text window)
Ctrl   Left arrow Move cursor to previous word (Text window)
Down arrow Move cursor to next line (Text window)
Tab Move cursor to next tab position (Text window)
Ctrl   Right arrow Move cursor to next word (Text window)
Ctrl O Open spreadsheet data file
F9 Print window, graph, data, results
Ctrl V Paste block (Text & Spreadsheet window)
F7 Recall dialog
Ctrl F7 Recent dialogs
Ctrl S or F12 Save data
F10 Save graph as a picture file (export)
Ctrl W Save or Append to a Word (docx) file
Ctrl A Select all
Alt Down arrow Select the contents for a cell from a list of entries already in the column  
Shift F4 Tile windows

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