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Computational notes

The odds ratio (OR), its standard error and 95% confidence interval are calculated according to Altman, 1991.

The odds ratio is given by

Odds ratio formula$$ \begin{align} OR & = \frac {a/b} {c/d} \\ & = \frac {a \times d } { b \times c} \end{align}$$

with the standard error of the log odds ratio being

Odds ratio standard error formula$$ \operatorname{SE} \left \{ \operatorname{ln}\left(OR\right) \right \} = \sqrt { \frac {1}{a} + \frac {1}{b} + \frac {1}{c} + \frac {1}{d} } $$

and 95% confidence interval

Odds ratio confidence interval formula$$ \operatorname{95\%\text{ } CI} = \operatorname{exp} \Big( \text{ } \operatorname{ln}\left(OR\right) - 1.96 \times \operatorname{SE} \left \{ \operatorname{ln}\left(OR\right) \right \} \text{ }\Big) \quad \text{ to }\quad \operatorname{exp} \Big(\text{ } \operatorname{ln}\left(OR\right) + 1.96 \times \operatorname{SE} \left \{ \operatorname{ln}\left(OR\right) \right \} \text{ }\Big)$$

Where zeros cause problems with computation of the odds ratio or its standard error, 0.5 is added to all cells (a, b, c, d) (Pagano & Gauvreau, 2000; Deeks & Higgins, 2010).

Test of significance: the P-value is calculated according to Sheskin, 2004 (p. 542). A standard normal deviate (z-value) is calculated as ln(OR)/SE{ln(OR)}, and the P-value is the area of the normal distribution that falls outside ±z (see Values of the Normal distribution table).


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