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Skewness and Kurtosis


The coefficient of Skewness is a measure for the degree of symmetry in the variable distribution (Sheskin, 2011).

Skewness: negatively skewed distributionSkewness: normal distributionSkewness: positively skewed distribution
Negatively skewed distribution
or Skewed to the left
Skewness <0
Normal distribution
Skewness = 0
Positively skewed distribution
or Skewed to the right
Skewness > 0



The coefficient of Kurtosis is a measure for the degree of tailedness in the variable distribution (Westfall, 2014).

Kurtosis: platykurtic distributionKurtosis: normal distributionKurtosis: leptokurtic distribution
Platykurtic distribution
Thinner tails
Kurtosis <0
Normal distribution
Mesokurtic distribution
Kurtosis = 0
Leptokurtic distribution
Fatter tails
Kurtosis > 0


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