Test for one proportion

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The Test for one proportion in the Tests menu can be used to test the hypothesis that an observed proportion is equal to a pre-specified proportion.

This test is not performed on data in the spreadsheet, but on statistics you enter in a dialog box.

Required input

  • Observed proportion (%): the observed proportion, expressed as a percentage.
  • Sample size: the sample size or total number of observations.
  • Null Hypothesis value (%): the pre-specified proportion (the value to compare the observed proportion to), expressed as a percentage.

Test for one proportion

When all data have been entered click the Test button.


The program displays:

  • the 95% Confidence Interval (CI) for the observed proportion
  • z statistic and associated P-value.

If the P-value is less than 0.05, the hypothesis that the observed proportion is equal to the pre-specified proportion value is rejected, and the alternative hypothesis that there is a significant difference between the two proportions can be accepted.

In the Comment input field you can enter a comment or conclusion that will be included on the printed report.

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