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Scatter diagram

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In a scatter diagram, the relation between two numerical variables is presented graphically. One variable (the variable X) defines the horizontal axis and the other (variable Y) defines the vertical axis. The values of the two variables on the same row in the data spreadsheet, give the points in the diagram.

Required input

Dialog box for scatter diagram

Variables and Filter

Select the 2 variables. You can click the Drop-down button button to obtain a list of variables. Optionally, you may also enter a data filter in order to include only a selected subgroup of cases in the graph.



After you click OK you obtain the following graph:

Scatter diagram

This is the same scatter diagram, but the categorical variable "Treatment" has been used to identify different subgroups in the graph.

Scatter diagram with subgroups

Example of scatter diagram with heat map:

Scatter diagram with heat map

Trend line examples

Moving average trend line:

Moving average trend line

LOESS smoothing:

LOESS smoothing

Reduced major axis regression line:

Reduced major axis regression line

Isotonic regression curve:

Isotonic regression curve


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