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Program installation

System requirements

Software installation

Note: to install MedCalc you must be logged on to your computer with administrator privileges.


When you start MedCalc for the first time a dialog box appears with the following options:

Sample data

At first run, MedCalc creates a folder named "MedCalc" with a subfolder "Sample files" in the "(My) Documents)" map. The "Sample files" folder contains the following MedCalc sample files:

Age-related reference interval.mc1
Bland Altman multiple observations.mc1
Bland and Altman plot.mc1
Clustered graphs.mc1
Control chart.mc1
Cox regression - Gallstones.mc1
CV of duplicates.mc1
Logistic regression.mc1
Meta-analysis - Continuous measure.mc1
Meta-analysis - Correlation.mc1
Meta-analysis - Generic.mc1
Meta-analysis - Odds ratio.mc1
Meta-analysis - Proportions.mc1
Meta-analysis - Risk ratio & difference.mc1
Meta-analysis - ROC area.mc1
Nonlinear regression - 4PL.mc1
Patients - sample data.mc1
ROC curve analysis.mc1
Serial measurements.mc1
Survival curves.mc1
Weighted regression (Neter).mc1
Youden plot.mc1

When you upgrade the software, the sample data files may be overwritten by new versions of these files.

What's new

If you are already familiar with MedCalc, you can read about the latest changes and additions in MedCalc by clicking What's new on MedCalc's Help menu.



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