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Important: the auto-update feature is only available if you have a legal, non-network MedCalc license.

Step 1

When you start MedCalc, the program will check whether a new version of the software is available from the MedCalc website.

When the program can successfully connect to the MedCalc website, and an update is available, the following dialog box is displayed:

Auto-update - step 1

MedCalc updates are free of charge and updating to the latest version is always recommended.

If you don't want to install the update, click Cancel and MedCalc will remind you of the update after a user-defined number of days (see Options). If you do not want MedCalc to automatically check for updates in the future, select the option Do not check for MedCalc updates in the future. You can always re-enable this option in MedCalc's Options dialog box.

Step 2

If you click Update, the update will be downloaded from the MedCalc website:

Auto-update - step 2

You can interrupt and cancel the download by clicking the Cancel button.

Step 3

When the update could successfully be downloaded, the update software is launched automatically.

Privacy considerations

When MedCalc checks for updates, no personal information (name, product key) is being sent to the MedCalc web server. The software will only retrieve the most recent version number from the website and compare it with the version number of your MedCalc copy.

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