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With the commands Print data, Print graph, Print results and Print notes you print the contents of the top window.

After you have selected Print data, Print results or Print notes, the program will display the following dialog box:

Print dialog box

In this dialog box, you can select the printer by clicking the Select button.

You can select the Black & white option in case you want to print a graph in black and white on a color printer. When you select the Print to file option, the output will be redirected to a file and not to the printer.

You can select the page orientation (portrait, landscape), and print margins.

Print data

To print the spreadsheet data, you open the spreadsheet window, or activate it and bring it on top of possible other open windows. Next, click Print on the File menu or alternatively, press Ctrl P.

The program will automatically split the columns and rows in order to fit the printed output on the paper. The numbering of the printed pages is indicated in the following diagram (the outer rectangle represents the complete spreadsheet):

Page 1-1 Page 2-1 Page 3-1
Page 1-2 Page 2-2 Page 3-2
Page 1-3 Page 2-3 Page 3-3
Page 1-4 Page 2-4 Page 3-4

Print results

Results of statistical calculations, summary statistics, correlation and regression are displayed in a results text window. When you want to obtain a printed copy of these results, select the Print results command, or press Ctrl P.

Print notes

To obtain a printed copy of the text entered in a Notes window, select the Print notes command, or press Ctrl P.

Print graph

When the top window is a graph window, then you can select Print graph to print the graph.

In the Preview area of the Print graph dialog box, you can size and position the graph on the paper.

Print graph dialog box

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