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NORMSDIST function


Returns a one-tailed probability from the standardized Normal distribution. NORMSDIST(z) returns the one-tailed probability associated with the standardized Normal deviate z.

The argument z can be a real number or a matrix. When it is a matrix, the function returns a matrix with the same dimensions and with the NORMSDIST function applied to all elements.


NORMSDIST(-1.96) returns 0.025 (rounded)

NORMSDIST(1.96) returns 0.975 (rounded)

NORMSDIST(0) returns 0.5




NORMSDIST function

Worked-out example: convert z-scores to percentiles

Suppose you have a variable named ZSCORE, containing z-scores which you want to convert to percentiles as in the following example.

Convert z-scores to percentiles - example step 1

The Fill column procedure is used with the following formula: NORMSDIST(ZSCORE)

Convert z-scores to percentiles - example step 2

Column B is filled with the percentile corresponding with the z-scores in column A:

Convert z-scores to percentiles - example step 3

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