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Save and recall graphs and statistics

Create a graph and, if necessary, click the Format graph button button in the Formatting toolbar to format the graph (font, colors, etc.).

Next click the Save report or graph button, or press function key F8, to save the graph into the Saved tests and graphs section of the Contents window, with a default name (which you can edit after pressing function key F2).

Save graph - 1

The graph is added to the "Saved tests and graphs" section of the Contents window:

Save graph - 2

Save the MedCalc file, and next clear all data or exit the program. After opening the file again, you double click the graph item in the Contents window to recreate the graph.

Recall graph - 1

The graph is recreated:

Recall graph - 2

To delete an item from the Saved tests and graphs list you right-click on it and click Delete on the context menu.

Recall graph - 3

You can also duplicate or rename the item, of recall the corresponding dialog box.

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