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Intraclass correlation coefficient

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The Intraclass Correlation Coefficient (ICC) is a measure of the reliability of measurements or ratings.

For the purpose of assessing inter-rater reliability and the ICC, two or preferably more raters rate a number of study subjects.

How to enter data

Intraclass correlation coefficient - How to enter data

In this example (taken from Shrout PE & Fleiss JL, 1979) data are available for 4 raters on 6 subjects. The data for each subject are entered in the 4 columns.

If not all subjects are rated by the same 4 raters, the data are still entered in 4 columns, the order of which then being unimportant.

Required input

Intraclass correlation coefficient - dialog box


Intraclass correlation coefficient - results

The Intraclass correlation coefficient table reports two coefficients with their respective 95% Confidence Interval.


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