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Fill series

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Fills the selected range of cells in the spreadsheet with a series of numbers, characters, or dates. The content of the first cell in the selected range is used as the starting value for the series.

In the Fill series dialog box you enter:

  • Start value: Enter the start value for the series. The start value must be a number, character or properly formatted date.
  • Step value: Enter a positive or negative number to indicate the amount by which you want a series to increase or decrease.
  • Step unit (dates): Specify whether the series of dates will increase by days, weeks, months, or years. Available only when creating a date series.

Example for dates:

First enter a date in the spreadsheet and select the range for the series

Fill series

Click Fill series on the menu, or press Ctrl L, and complete the dialog box:

Fill series

This is the result:

Fill series

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