Comparison of paired samples

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Allows to create a table with different comparison of paired samples tests.

Required input

Comparison of paired samples

  • Variables: select the variables of interest in the top left box and next click the right arrow button to move the selection to the Paired variables list.

    • In the left box, you must select 2 variables or more.
    • When you click the right arrow button, all possible pairs that can be formed with the selected variables are added to the Paired variables list.

      When you have selected 2 variables A and B, 1 pair A-B will be added in the right box.

      When you have selected 3 variables A, B, and C, then 3 pairs A-B, A-C and B-C will be added in the right box.

    • To remove a pair from the right box, select the corresponding row and click left arrow button in the center.

    Differences will be calculated Variable2-Variable1. You can swap the variables of selected variable pairs by clicking the Swap button button.

  • Filter: on optional filter to include only a selected subgroup of cases.
  • Options: select Paired samples t-test (parametric) or the Wilcoxon test for paired samples (non-parametric).


The program creates a table with the results of the selected test for each variable pair.

Comparison of paired samples

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