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EIG matrix function


EIG(A[,v]) returns the Eigenvalues of matrix A. Optionally, the eigenvectors are stored in the workspace variable v.

  • EIG(A) returns a column vector containing the eigenvalues of square matrix A
  • EIG(A,v) returns a diagonal matrix (D) of eigenvalues and stores into workspace variable v a matrix whose columns are the corresponding right eigenvectors, so that A*V = V*D.

Workspace variables

The value of a workspace variable is not stored in the spreadsheet, but in a separate memory space. The workspace variable name cannot be equal to a spreadsheet cell address (such as A1 or DC12), a spreadsheet function, or to a reserved word. In addition, it cannot contain a space or a character from the reserved character set: - + / * = < > # & @ $ | ^ : , ; . ( ) ' " [ ] { }.


In the following example:

  • in cell D3 a square matrix is created from the data in cell range A1 to C3.
  • in cell D5 the formula EIG(D3,v) calculates and shows the Eigenvalues of the matrix created in cell D3, and stores the Eigenvectors in a workspace variable named "v".
  • cell D6 contains v and shows the Eigenvectors that are stored in the workspace variable "v".

Calculation of Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors in MedCalc




MedCalc file Eigenvalues.mc1

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