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Volume discount tables

Single user lifetime license

QuantityPrice per unit
1549.00 USD
2-3494.10 USD
4-5466.65 USD
6-10439.20 USD
11-15411.75 USD
16-20384.30 USD

Single-user subscription (yearly fee)

QuantityPrice per unit
1179.00 USD
2-3161.10 USD
4-5152.15 USD
6-10143.20 USD
11-15134.25 USD
16-20125.30 USD

Network license (yearly fee)

Pricing of network licenses depends on the number of concurrent users.

QuantityPrice per unit
2174.00 USD
3156.60 USD
4-5147.90 USD
6-10139.20 USD
11-15130.50 USD
16-20121.80 USD