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Signed rank sum test (one sample)

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The Signed rank sum test is a test for symmetry about a test value. This test is the non-parametric alternative for the One sample t-test. It can be used when the observations are not Normally distributed.

Required input

Signed rank sum test (one sample) - dialog box


Summary statistics

The results windows for the Signed rank sum test first displays summary statistics of the sample.

The statistics include the Hodges-Lehmann location estimator (sometimes called the Hodges-Lehmann median) and its 95% confidence interval (Conover, 1999; CLSI, 2013). The Hodges-Lehmann location estimator of a sample with sample size n is calculated as follows. For each possible set of 2 observations, the average is calculated. The Hodges-Lehmann location estimator is the median of all n × (n+1) / 2 averages. The confidence interval is derived according to Conover (1999, p. 360).

Signed rank sum test (one sample) - statistics

Signed rank sum test results

The Signed rank sum test ranks the absolute values of the differences between the sample data and the test value, and calculates a statistic on the number of negative and positive differences.

If the resulting P-value is small (P<0.05), then the sample data are not symmetrical about the test value and therefore a statistically significant difference can be accepted between the sample median and the test value.

Note that in MedCalc P-values are always two-sided.


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Practical Nonparametric Statistics
W. J. Conover

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This classic text and reference book is intended mainly for one-semester advanced undergraduate and undergrad/graduate introductory courses in nonparametric (or distribution free) statistics. The book will also appeal to applied research workers as a quick reference to the most useful nonparametric methods.