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Scripts - Workspace variables

The value of a workspace variable is not stored in the spreadsheet, but in a separate memory space.

A new workspace variable is created by assigning a value to a valid variable name.

A variable name must adhere to the following rules:

  • it cannot be longer than 32 characters.
  • it cannot contain a space or a character from the reserved character set:
    - + / * = < > # & @ $ | ^ : , ; . ( ) ' " [ ] { }
  • it cannot be equal to a spreadsheet cell address (such as A1 or DC12),
  • it cannot be equal to a script command or language construct such as beep, print, etc., see List of script commands and language constructs.
  • variable names are not case sensitive (for example VARX or varx refer to the same variable)

A value is assigned to a variable using the = operator.

The following script code creates a variable sum and assigns the value 11 to it:


Workspace variables are untyped and may contain numeric values, strings, complex numbers, matrices, or tables.

str="A string is placed in double quotes";
nstr='or single quotes';

Clear mem command

The Clear mem command deletes or clears all workspace variables.

  • When this command is given in the beginning of a script, it deletes all workspace variables.
  • When this command is given after a workspace variable has already been referenced in the script, it will only clear all workspace variables.

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