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Use Partial correlation when you suspect the relationship between 2 variables to be influenced by other variables. The partial correlation coefficient is said to be adjusted or corrected for the influence by the different covariates.

Required input

Dialog box for partial correlation

Variable Y - Variable X

Select the 2 variables of interest.


The variables that you suspect to influence the relationship between the X and Y variables.


(Optionally) enter a filter in order to include only a selected subgroup of cases in the statistical analysis.


You can select a Logarithmic transformation for one or both variables.


Partial correlation - results

The results window for Partial correlation displays:

  • Sample size: the number of (selected) data pairs
  • Correlation coefficient: Partial correlation coefficient, with P-value


  • Altman DG (1991) Practical statistics for medical research. London: Chapman and Hall.

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