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A high DPI (usually 300 or more is required by publishers) is meaningless when the number of pixels in the image is small.

Remember: DPI = Dots per inch.

If the graph is to be printed at 300 DPI

  • in a single column of 3.5 inches (8.9cm), you need an image of 300 × 3.5 = 1050 pixels wide.
  • in 1½ column of 5 inches (12.7cm), you need an image of 300 × 5 = 1500 pixels wide.
  • in full 2-column width of 7.2 inches (18.2cm), you need an image of 300 × 7.2 = 2160 pixels wide.

The information for specific journals or publishers can be found in their instructions to authors.

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