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Create groups from quantiles


Categorizes a continuous variable by generating a new categorical variable with group numbers based on the quantiles of the continuous variable.

Required input

Create groups from quantiles

  • Column: the column in which you want to place the group number.
  • Options
    • List empty columns only: if this option is selected, only empty columns are listed in the column selection box.
    • Clear column: the selected column will be cleared prior to generating and storing the group numbers.
  • Header: the header (top cell) for the selected column.
  • Data: select the continuous variable and a possible filter.
  • Number of groups: the required number of groups, e.g. enter 4 to create groups based on the quartiles of the selected continuous variable.

Click OK to proceed. The selected column in the spreadsheet is filled with the group numbers (e.g. 1, 2, 3 and 4) corresponding with the quantiles of the continuous variable.

Create groups from quantiles

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