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Scientific, mathematical and system constants

Logical constants

TRUELogical constant TRUE, equals 1
FALSELogical constant FALSE, equals 0

Scientific constants

@LightspeedSpeed of light in vacuum299792458 (m/s)
@AvogadroAvogadro constant6.022140857 × 1023 (mol−1)
@FaradayFaraday constant96485.33289 (C·mol−1)
@PlanckPlanck constant h6.626070040 × 10−34 (J·s)
@RydbergRydberg constant1.0973731568508 × 107 (m−1)
@BohrRadiusBohr radius5.2917721067 × 10−11 (m)
@AMCAtomic mass constant 1.660539040 × 10−27 (kg)
@GasconstGas constant8.3144598 (J·K−1·mol−1)
@BoltzmannBoltzmann constant1.38064852 × 10−23 (J·K−1)
@BohrMagnetonBohn magneton9.274009994 × 10−24 (J·T−1)
@GravitationNewtonian constant of gravitation G6.67430 × 10−11 (kg−1·m3·s−2) (NIST)

Mathematical constants

@EulerEuler's number 2.7182818284590
@PIThe number PI 3.1415926535898
@Radian180/PI 57.2957795130823
@PhiGolden ratio 1.6180339887499
@Sqrt2Pythagoras constant, $\sqrt{2}$ 1.4142135623731
@Sqrt3Theodorus' constant, $\sqrt{3}$ 1.7320508075689
@Ln2Natural logarithm of 2, $Ln(2)$ 0.6931471805599
@Ln10Natural logarithm of 10, $Ln(10)$ 2.3025850929940

System constants

@DocumentsPathThe file path to the user's documents map
@DesktopPathThe file path to the desktop files
@DesktopScalingThe desktop scaling factor (as set in the Windows control panel)
@DesktopWidthThe width, in pixels, of the primary screen
@DesktopHeightThe height, in pixels, of the primary screen

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