Purchase orders

We accept purchase orders (net 30 days) from government and accredited educational institutions and major corporations.

  • The order must be submitted on purchase order forms with a purchase order number.
  • For single-user licenses you must include the name and email address of the end-user of the software with your purchase order.
  • Mail or fax the PO to MedCalc Software at the address below.
  • After receipt of the order we will send the download information and product key by email to the end-user. We do not ship the software on CD.
  • You can make payment by cheque or bank transfer. Instructions on how to make payment will be included on our invoice.



  • The price of one MedCalc single-user license is 445 USD. Volume discounts are available when you order licenses for more than one user.
  • Network licenses start at 240 USD for 2 concurrent users. Pricing scheme.

    Important: as from November 23, 2014, new network licenses will be subscription based, starting at 120 USD/user/year.
  • A MedCalc site license is 1780 USD per year. This price includes maintenance (updates during subscription period).
  • There are no shipping charges; you must download the software from the download area.


Mail your purchase order to:

MedCalc Software
Acacialaan 22
B-8400 Ostend

Fax: +32 59 600 204

VAT: BE 0809.344.640


By placing an order you accept our General terms and Conditions.


All orders are subject to the MedCalc License Agreement. Customer information is considered confidential and will not be shared or distributed to any third party.


Korean customers, please contact our exclusive Korean dealer Panmun:

Panmun Education

211, Mokdongseo-ro, Yangcheon-gu
Seoul, 158-051
Republic of Korea


Tel: 82-2-2654-5131 Ext. 214

Contact: Ji-Hyon, Kim