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Statistical functions

In the spreadsheet window statistical functions can be entered that perform a calculation on one or two variables or ranges of cells containing numeric values.

For all statistical functions that accept a range as argument, a list of ranges is also accepted as an argument.

E.g. SUM(A1:A3,A10,B5:B6) will calculate the sum of cells A1, A2, A3, A10, B5 and B6.

If one of the cells in the function's range does not have a numeric value, but is empty or has a string value, then this cell will not be taken into account for calculating the result of the function.

AVEDEV(range) Average deviation function

AVERAGE(range) Average function

COEFVAR(range) Coefficient of variation function

COUNT(range) Count function

COUNTIF(operator, value, range) Conditional count function

COUNTNEG(range) Count negative numbers function

COUNTPOS(range) Count positive numbers function

COUNTS(range) Count non-empty cells function

CORREL(range1,range2) Correlation function

COVAR(range1,range2) Covariance function

DEVSQ(range) Sum of squares of differences from the mean

FREQUENCY(bins,range) Returns a frequency table as a matrix

GEOMEAN(range) Geometric mean function

HARMEAN(range) Harmonic mean function

INTERCEPT(rangeX,rangeY) Returns the intercept of the regression line

MAX(range) Maximum function

MEDIAN(range) Median function

MIN(range) Minimum function

PERCENTILE(p,range) Percentile function

PERCRANK(x,range) Percentile rank function

SEM(range) Standard error of the mean function

SLOPE(rangeX,rangeY) Returns the slope of the regression line

STDEV(range) Standard deviation

STEYX(rangeX,rangeY) returns the standard error of the predicted y-values in the regression of y on x.

SUM(range) Sum function

SUMIF(operator, value, range) Conditional Sum function

SUMNEG(range) Sum of negative numbers function

SUMPOS(range) Sum of positive numbers function

SUMSQ(range) Sum of squares function

TESTNORM(normalitytest,range) Test for normal distribution

TrimMean(k,range) Trimmed mean function

TrimMeanSEM(k,range) Standard error of trimmed mean

TrimMeanLOW(k,ci,range) Lower value of a confidence interval of a trimmed mean

TrimMeanHIGH(k,ci,range) Higher value of a confidence interval of a trimmed mean

VAR(range) Variance function

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