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Splits the spreadsheet window into two panes, or removes this split. This command is only available when the spreadsheet window is open and active (on top).

The spreadsheet window can be divided into two panes. The two panes scroll together vertically, but can scroll independently horizontally.

To split the window into panes:

  • Select the Split window command in the Window menu.
  • Drag the Split box (which is displayed in the bottom right corner of the spreadsheet window) into the spreadsheet.

Split box

  • Double-click the Split box.

After you have performed one of these actions, the Split box changes into a Split bar dividing the spreadsheet into two panes. You can change the position of the Split bar by dragging it to the left or right in the window.

Split window

To remove the split:

  • Choose Remove split from the Window menu.
  • Drag the Split box to the utmost left or right of the spreadsheet.
  • Double-click the Split bar.

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