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MedCalc scripts window

You open the MedCalc scripts window by selecting Scripts on the Tools menu, or by pressing the Ctrl Shift S keys on the keyboard.

MedCalc scripts window.

Script list

The script list frame lists the scripts in the scripts folder. You can change the scripts folder by clicking a folder name in the list, or by clicking Select folder in the toolbar.

Script editor

In this frame you can edit the script. The editor detects text in quotation marks, script comments and some keywords and displays these in different colors automatically. These colors can be set in the Script options dialog box (click the Options button button).

You can also execute a script from the MedCalc main menu. Select Browse on the Execute submenu of the Tools menu, and locate the script in the file selector box. The script is executed and it is added on top of the Execute submenu, where subsequentially you can select and execute it directly.

Output frame

The output frame shows

Command line

In this frame you can enter single-line commands, which are executed when you press Enter.

MedCalc keeps a history of commands you enter. You can scroll in the list of previous commands using the Up arrow and Down arrow keys.

Workspace frame

This frame lists the user-defined functions and the workspace variables with their values.

Floating script window

By default, the script window is contained within the MedCalc main window. You can select an option to make the script window float over (and outside) the MedCalc main window.

The script window then has its own menu.

Floating MedCalc scripts window.

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