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Regional settings support

MedCalc supports regional differences as entered in the Regional settings dialog box in the Windows Control panel.

The following are taken from the Windows settings:

  • Decimal symbol: the character used to separate the decimal digits from whole numbers.
  • List separator: the symbol used to separate elements in a list, e.g. arguments in spreadsheet functions, or fields when exporting data as a text file.

    E.g. when the list separator is a comma, the arguments in the RANDNORM function are separated by a comma: RANDNORM(m,s). If the list separator is a semicolon, the arguments are separated by a semicolon: RANDNORM(m;s).

    The list separator is also used to separate the fields or variables when you export spreadsheet data.

    The list separator cannot be equal to the decimal symbol!

    If MedCalc finds the list separator to be equal to the decimal symbol in the Windows settings, then it will use a semicolon as the list separator when the decimal symbol is a comma.

  • Date format: MM.DD.YYYY, DD.MM.YYYY or YYYY.MM.DD

You can use different characters for the Decimal symbol and List separator in the Options panel (section Regional settings).

To select different a different display language for user-interface and reports, see the Options panel (section Language).


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