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General spreadsheet options.

  • Spreadsheet dimensions (informational): shows the maximum number of the spreadsheet rows (1 048 576) and spreadsheet columns (16 384).
    • When you load a data file with more cases (rows) or variables than the number of rows and columns available in the spreadsheet, the program will display an appropriate warning.
  • Open spreadsheet window after loading/importing file: This is an option to automatically open the spreadsheet window after a data file is read, or after data have been imported.
  • Enable auto-complete for cell values: when this option is selected, MedCalc completes text entries you start to type in a column of data. If the first few letters you type match an existing entry in that column, the program fills in the remaining text for you.
  • Show Formula bar: select this option to show the formula bar in the spreadsheet window.
  • Default century: select 1900 or 2000. When you enter a date using only 2 digits, this value will be added to the year. For example when the default century is 2000 and you enter a date as 12.02.18, this will be converted to 12.02.2018.

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