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Options for reports.

  • Colors: Select colors used in statistical Reports windows: normal text color, color used for highlighting results, color for warnings and error messages, color used for background shading and line/border color.
  • Display small P-values in exponential notation: select this option to represent small P-value using exponential notation, e.g. P = 0.121E-6 (P=0.000000121). This option is useful in for example the field of genomics where massive multiple testing requires very small significance levels. See Scientific notation and E-notation.
  • Increase precision: MedCalc usually reports numbers rounded to 4 decimal places. With this option you increase or decrease the number of decimals in the statistical reports. Note that this may result in spurious 'accuracy'.
    By entering a negative number, you can decrease the number of decimals.
    The number of decimals you enter here is the increment of the default number of decimals used by MedCalc; it is not the number of decimals used in the report. If you enter 1 here, the number of decimals in the reports will be increased from 4 to 5 (or 3 to 4 where applicable).

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