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Graph options.

Copy graph

  • The Image aspect ratio option allows to select the width/height ratio of the copied image. With the Landscape option the height/width ratio is 2/3 and with the Portrait option the height/width ratio is 3/2. With the Graph window aspect ratio option, the height and width of the copied image corresponds to the aspect ratio of the graph window.
  • Also copy in SVG format: when this option is selected MedCalc will also place the image in SVG format on the clipboard, in addition of Windows metafile and bitmap formats. This is the default option when MedCalc detects that Office 2016 (with all updates installed), Office 2019 or Office 365 is present on your PC.

Color palette

This section shows the possible colors that can be used in a graph. Click a color to modify that entry in the MedCalc color table.

The last row of colors are colorblind safe colors (Wong B. Points of view: Color blindness. Nature Methods 2011;8:441):

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