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General options.

  • Show splash screen at program startup: select this option to show a splash screen at program startup.
  • Offline help: when this option is checked, MedCalc will show help files that are located on the computer, not on the MedCalc web site. Check this option when you have a slow internet connection. When you have no internet connection, MedCalc will automatically show offline help.
  • Recently used file list - number of entries: the number of recently used files displayed at the bottom of the File menu, so you can open the files quickly. Enter the number of files you want to display in the entries box.
  • Dark mode: the base color of the background when Dark mode view is selected.
  • Background image: an image used as background in the MedCalc application window. Click the Browse button to locate an image on your PC.
  • Reset all options: click this button to reset all MedCalc options to default options.

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