Notes editor

The MedCalc Notes editor is an editor that you can use to edit short texts. These texts are associated with the spreadsheet data, and when you load or save the MedCalc data file, the notes are loaded or saved with it. When you want to save the text in a separate file, you have to use the Export notes command.

The MedCalc notes offer for example the possibility to create short reports or add explanations about codes used in the spreadsheet.

To create a new Notes document, right-click Notes in the Contents window and select New notes in the shortcut menu:

Notes editor

A new notes document is listed in the Contents window with a default name "New notes". Right-click the New notes item to obtain the following shortcut menu.

Notes editor

You can now open the notes document and start editing notes.

Text block functions

Deleting, moving and copying text blocks is possible by means of the commands in the Edit menu, or the corresponding buttons in the button bar.

Export text

The text entered in the text window is always saved in the MedCalc data file. Therefore, after you have entered some text, select Save or Save as in the File menu to save the text, together with the spreadsheet data.

The command Export notes can be used to save the text as a separate text file, which can be imported in a word processor.

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