The MedCalc menu bar

After starting the program, the MedCalc program window appears, with a menu bar at the top of the screen containing the following headings:

  • File: Disk input and output of spreadsheet data files, printing, quit MedCalc
  • Edit: Cut, copy, paste, find, insert, ...
  • View: Open contents window, spreadsheet, notes editor, set view characteristics ...
  • Format: Character formatting, spreadsheet & column format, graph formatting,
  • Tools: Sort data, edit variables list, options,
  • Statistics: Statistical analysis of spreadsheet data, t-tests, Wilcoxon tests, comparison of groups, method comparison, ROC curve analysis, etc.
  • Graphs: Statistical graphs, Kaplan-Meier survival curve, Control chart
  • Tests: Statistical tests on tabulated or summarized data (useful when you do not have the raw data available in the spreadsheet): difference between means, standard deviations, percentages, correlation coefficients, relative risk, odds ratio
  • Sample size: Calculation of sample sizes
  • Window: Rearrange windows or activate a specific window
  • Help: Get help and information.

On line help

At any moment during working with MedCalc on line help is available, e.g. information on a menu item, explanations on a dialog box, etc. After you press function key F1 the program displays a context-sensitive help text in a new box.
You can also call the help function by selecting Contents and Index in the Help menu.

Help in dialog boxes

To get comprehensive help on the dialog box, click the Help button.
To get help on any item in the dialog box: click the question mark The MedCalc menu bar in the title bar of the dialog box, and then click an item in the dialog box.

  • You can print or copy the information in a pop-up window by right-clicking inside the pop-up window, and then clicking Print Topic or Copy.
  • To close the pop-up window, click inside it.
  • You can also get help on an item by right-clicking it, and then clicking What's This?.

Screentips & quick help

Screentips for toolbars: an on-screen description of toolbar buttons is displayed when the pointer pauses on them.

While you are making a selection in the menu, a short description of the highlighted command is displayed in the status bar at the bottom of the window.


The spreadsheet data window

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