Mathematical functions

ABS(x) Absolute value function

ALOGIT(l) Antilogit function

CEIL(x) Rounds x up

E() Euler's number

EXP(x) Natural exponential function

FLOOR(x) Rounds x down

INT(x) Integer value function

LN(x) Natural logarithm function

LOG(x) Logarithm function

LOGIT(p) Logit function

MOD(x,d) Modulo function

POWER(x,p) Power function

RAND(x) Random number function (Uniform distribution)

RANDNORM(m,s) Random number function (Normal distribution)

ROUND(x,n) Rounds the number x to n digits

SIGN(x) Sign value

SQRT(x) Square root function

TRUNC(x) Truncates the number x by removing the fractional part

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