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INFO function


INFO(identifier) returns computer and system information.

The identifier can be one of the following:

MEDCALCVERSIONThe MedCalc version number.
WINDOWSVERSIONThe Windows version number.
OFFICEVERSIONThe Office version and build number.
PCNAMEThe (NetBIOS) name of the computer.
USERNAMEThe MedCalc user name.
MCLICENSEThe MedCalc license serial number.
WINUSERThe Windows user name.
FILENAMEThe name of the MedCalc file currently loaded.
PATHReturns the current directory.
PROGPATHThe path of the MedCalc program (medcalc.exe).
TEMPPATHThe folder where MedCalc stores temporary files.
OPTIONSFILEThe path and file name of the MedCalc options file.
OSBITSReturns 32 on a Windows 32-bits operating system, and 64 on a Windows 64-bits operating system
WOW64Returns 1 (=TRUE) when you run a 32-bits MedCalc version on a 64-bits operating system. For more information see WoW64 on Wikipedia.
NETFX40Returns 1 (=TRUE) when the Microsoft .NET Framework 4 is installed.

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