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Command: Format
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Allows to define

  • the default column width and the default number of decimals used in the spreadsheet
  • the characteristics of selected columns

This command is only available when the spreadsheet window is open and on top (active).

Required input

Sheet tab

In the Format spreadsheet box, you can select the following options:

  • Default column width and decimals: The default column width and global number of decimals affect those columns for which a specific width and number of decimals has not been specified.

Column tab

Column options

  • Format: Select the type and format of the data in this column:
    • General: use this for numbers
    • Text: all cells in this column will be treated as text, even when a number or formula is entered. The text will be displayed exactly as entered.
    • Date: use this for dates. Dates will be displayed using the settings from the Regional settings options in the Windows control panel. E.g. 05/09/2011
    • Time: use this for time data. Times will be displayed using the settings from the Regional settings options in the Windows control panel.
    • Date Time: use this for data and time date. E.g. 05/09/2011 14:00
    See also: How to enter dates.
  • Width, decimals: You can define the column’s width and number of decimals.
    After you have specified a specific width or number of decimals for a column, then changing the global width or global number of decimals (on the Sheet tab, see above) will have no effect on the cells of this column. To reset the width and/or number of decimals of a column to the global width and/or global number of decimals, you must blank the corresponding input field and click OK.
  • Alignment: You can select whether cell content should be centered or left or right justified in the column (default is right justified).
  • Default value: The default value or formula for every cell in this column (this value or formula is only applied to empty cells or cells for which no value has been entered), see example. Default values are displayed in a different color in the spreadsheet, see the Options dialog box.

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