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Fisher's exact test for a 2x2 table

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Fisher's exact test in the Tests menu is used to calculate an exact P-value for a 2x2 frequency table with small number of expected frequencies, for which the Chi-squared test is not appropriate.

Required input

The data (representing number of cases) for the 2x2 table are entered in the dialog box.

Example: treatment A resulted in 6 successes and 1 failure (6/7 = 85.7%) whereas treatment B resulted in 2 success and 8 failures (2/10 = 20%). The following is entered in the dialog box:

Fisher's exact test for a 2x2 table

The P-value (the probability of obtaining the observed result or a more extreme result) is calculated when you press the Test button.

The result, P=0.015, indicates that the 2 treatments gave significantly different results.

In the Comment input field you can enter a comment or conclusion that will be included on the printed report.


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