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Locates a specified text and replaces it.

The Find & replace procedure can be used to replace certain values in the spreadsheet with another value, or clear the cells containing these values. The value to be located and to be replaced is entered in the Find field of the dialog box. The new value is entered in the Replace with field:

Find and replace


  • Match entire cell contents: Searches for an exact and complete match of characters that are specified in the Find what box.
  • Automatic: replacements will be performed automatically. If this option is not selected, then the program will ask for a confirmation before the old cell content is replaced with the new text.
  • All columns: all columns will be searched through. If this option is not selected, then the find & replace procedure will be limited to the current column (the column containing the cell pointer).

You do not have to enter any text in the Replace with input field. In this case, the cells containing the find text, will be cleared.

Refer to the Find command for some explanation concerning the search wildcards * and ?, and the way MedCalc performs text comparison and treats the search specification.

Remember that searching always starts from the current cell pointer position. So when you want to search an entire column, you must put the cell pointer in the top cell of this column.

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