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Searches for a specific text (string or number).

The Find command is used to search for a specific string or data entry, starting from the current cell pointer position.

First the current column is searched through, starting at the current cell pointer position, from top to bottom. If no match is found, you are offered the choice to continue the search in the next columns.

The search specification can contain the ? and * wildcards. The ? wildcard indicates that the character on this position can be ignored and, * indicates that the rest of the cell can be ignored. For example: Jones matches Jon* and Jo?es.

If the option Show formulas is selected and checked, then the search string is compared with the literal or raw contents of the cell, otherwise it is compared with the cells' calculated values. E.g. if cell B10 contains SIN(90), resulting in 1.00, and the search string is 'SIN*', then cell B10 will be ignored when Show formulas is OFF.

FIND does not distinguish uppercase from lowercase characters.

Find dialog box


  • Match entire cell contents: Searches for an exact and complete match of characters that are specified in the Find what box.

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