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Filter formula editor

In all MedCalc statistical dialog boxes, when the cursor (the focus) is on a Filter selector, then you can press function key F8 to call the filter formula editor.

In short:

  • In the dialog box for Summary statistics, first select the continuous variable of interest, CONCENTRATION
  • Move the cursor to the Filter selector (the cursor should flash in the selector)
  • Press function key F8
  • In the variables list, double click TREATMENT; the variable is added to the formula
  • Next click the = sign; the = sign is added to the formula
  • The possible values for the variable TREATMENT are listed in the values box.
  • Double click the required value; "A" is added to the formula (note that text values are placed between quotation marks, numbers are not)
  • Click OK to close the filter editor and return to the dialog box for Summary statistics.
  • Click OK.
  • The summary statistics for the variable CONCENTRATION are displayed, for those cases that were given treatment A.

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