Edit filters list

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Allows to edit the filters list.

After you have entered a filter in a dialog box (in order to include only a selected subgroup of cases in the statistical analysis), this filter will be 'remembered' by the program and put in the filters list.

When you want to edit this list, select the Edit filters list in the Tools menu, to obtain the following dialog box:

Edit filters list

At the left side of the dialog box, the filters list is displayed.

Click New when you want to create a new Filter. In the Filter properties dialog box, you can enter the formula for the new filter, and/or you can enter a descriptive label for it.

When a filter is selected in the left box, you can click the Properties button to edit the filter properties such as formula and label.

You can select one or more filters in the list and next click the Remove button to remove the selected items from the list.

When you click the Clear list button, the entire list will be cleared.

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