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Date and time functions

To format a spreadsheet column for date, time or date-time input, see How to enter dates.

DATE(dnr) Serial date number to string

DATEFRAC(date) Returns a fractional year-number

DATEVALUE(str) String to serial date number

DAY(date) Day of date

DAYNAME(date[,languagecode]) Name of the day of date

MONTH(date) Month of date

MONTHNAME(date[,languagecode]) Name of the month of date

NOW() Current date and time

TIME(tnr) Converts the serial time number tnr to a time string (hh:mm)

TIMEFRAC(time) Returns a fractional time-number

TIMEVALUE(str) Converts a time string (in "hh:mm" format) to a serial time number

TODAY() Today's date

WEEKDAY(date) Weekday number of date

WEEKNUM(date) Week of the year of date

YEAR(date) Year of date

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