Control keys

Cascade windowsShift+F5
Copy block (Text & Spreadsheet window)Ctrl+C
Cut block (Text & Spreadsheet window)Ctrl+X
Edit cellF2
English user interfaceCtrl+Shift+E
Exit MedCalc programAlt+F4
Export file (metafile, text file)F10
Find and replaceCtrl+H
Fill downCtrl+D
Fill rightCtrl+R
Fill seriesCtrl+L
Full screen viewF11
Go to cellCtrl+G
Move cursor left (Text window)Left arrow
Move cursor right (Text window)Right arrow
Move cursor to previous line (Text window)Up arrow
Move cursor to previous word (Text window)Ctrl + Left arrow
Move cursor to next line (Text window)Down arrow
Move cursor to next tab position (Text window)Tab
Move cursor to next word (Text window)Ctrl + Right arrow
Open spreadsheet data fileCtrl+O
Print window, graph, data, resultsF9
Paste block (Text & Spreadsheet window)Ctrl+V
Recall dialogF7
Recent dialogsCtrl+F7
Save dataCtrl+S or F12
Save graph as a picture file (export)F10
Save or Append to a Word (docx) fileCtrl+W
Select allCtrl+A
Select the contents for a cell from a list of entries already in the column  Alt + Down arrow
Tile windowsShift+F4

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