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The contents bar displays the contents of the MedCalc data file in a treeview structure.

Contents bar

Select Data to open the MedCalc spreadsheet if you want to enter or edit data.

Select Notes if you want to write comments or notes to be saved in the MedCalc data file.

Select Variables to edit the Variables list. You can delete variables, create derived variables, and give descriptive labels to the variables.

Select Filters to edit the Filters list. You can create and delete filters, and give descriptive labels.

In the Saved tests and graphs section, you can select a named graph which you can restore, rename or delete (right-click an item to obtain a pop-up menu).

Saved tests and graphs

You can save a graph in the MedCalc data file by selecting the Save report or graph button in the toolbar. By doing so, the graph is added to the Saved tests and graphs list in the Contents bar. A default name is given to the graph, which you can edit in the Contents bar.

This feature is very useful if you would want to recreate the graph later, possibly with new data - Example.

To delete an item from the Saved tests and graphs list you right-click on it and select Delete in the pop-up menu.

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